About Us

Qubic Pictures is an independent production company that specializes in working with top animation studios and creators in Japan to create original and branded entertainment.

In addition to our original titles, Qubic applies great focus on constructing the bridge to connect notable studios outside Japan to produce authentic anime adaptations of their beloved branded content.

Qubic is highly passionate about collaborating with the world’s top talent to create moving stories that inspire fans across the globe.

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Feature & Series Development

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→ Script Writing
→ Concept Development
→ Showrunning
→ Executive Support

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→ Budget, Scheduling & Finance
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→ Talent Acquisition
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Core Values


The Heart of Our Endevour.

At Qubic Pictures, we believe in the transformative power of stories. Our core mission is to transport audiences to extraordinary worlds, stir emotions, and inspire imaginations through the magical medium of animation. As storytellers, we understand that stories are not just mere entertainment—they are a way for us to connect, to learn, and to dream. Every frame we craft, every character we design, every world we build is driven by the pursuit of telling a compelling, authentic, and meaningful story.

Our dedication to storytelling is about shaping narratives that resonate, that inspire, and that reflect the diverse tapestry of experiences in our world. Stories transcend borders and differences, bringing us together in shared experiences and emotions. At Qubic Pictures, we are committed to creating animated stories that mirror the depth, the beauty, and the complexity of our world.


Japanese Ethos of Craftsmanship.

At Qubic Pictures, we live by the spirit of ‘Shokunin,’ the Japanese ethos of craftsmanship. This is not only about mastery and skill but also about a deep respect for the art form and dedication to our craft. Every frame we produce, every character we animate, embodies this commitment. We hold in high esteem the tradition of Japanese animation with its unique blend of rich visuals, intricate storytelling, and profound themes. Our commitment is to honor the legacy of Japanese animation, infusing its distinct aesthetics and narrative structure into our work, while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in animation today. By seamlessly marrying tradition with innovation, we aim to create animations that captivate global audiences while paying homage to the rich history and craftsmanship of Japanese animation.


Pushing the Boundaries of Animation.

At Qubic Pictures, we hold fast to the principle of innovation. We continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in animation, combining cutting-edge technology with our creative prowess to bring our narratives to life. We strive to be pioneers in our field, unafraid of exploring uncharted territories. We believe that each project is an opportunity to innovate, to challenge the status quo, and to redefine what animation can achieve. Our dedication to innovation allows us to tell stories that are not just compelling, but truly extraordinary.


Building Cultural Bridges.

Influenced by the principle of ‘Kakehashi,’ Qubic Pictures strives to act as a significant bridge between Hollywood and Japan. We understand the power of animation to transcend geographical and cultural borders, forging connections that facilitate a deeper understanding. Our commitment is not only to create compelling narratives that reflect the richness of diverse experiences but also to provide a platform for seamless collaborations between Hollywood and Japan.


Justin Leach

Founder and CEO, Executive Producer

Kanako Shirasaki

Head of Production, Producer

Kat Minett


Connie Chia-Shao Chang

Production Manager

Alice Byron

Production Translator

Rhiannon Liou

Production Translator

Vicki Yabe

Production Translator

Sascha Okamoto

Business Manager

Jason Wasserman

VP of Finance

Darius Gotay

Social Media and Community Manager

Yuta Kanno

COO, Producer

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